With years of experience and a great team, we can support and guide you professionally in the whole field of sourcing. With our own factories and a huge network of partners, we are able to find exactly what you need, in the right quality and for the right price.


With own factories for Toys and printing products, we can assist you from OEM (original engineering manufacturing) and ODM (original design manufacturing) to quality control and logistics.


If you need support to bring your brand alive, we are the right partner for you. From the concept phase to design, sampling, development and manufacturing, we do everything in-house, fast, accurately and professionally.


Do you want to have access to most of the major Key Accounts and other or independent retailers around the world? Kayford Holdings Ltd. can make it happen.Our distribution is carried out by different distribution partners, whereby we are able to reach even the local dealer. Additionally, our offices in Asia, Europe and North America work closely together with numerous major international Key Accounts of the world’s biggest retail chains.


We also act as a Licensee. We take all the necessary steps in the entire supply chain, from purchase of the Licence, to product development and the production of the official licensed products in our own factories, to distribution of the official licensed products. Our large network of major chains and importers around the world guarantees success for Licensor and Licensee.